Soon we will have a new map of Ukraine – big changes announced in the team of Zelensky



It became known that the Ukrainian government had planned very serious plans for the training of 24 regions of the country. According to the Zelensky team, more than 10,000 colonies will meet in around 1,400 communities.

Map of ukraine
Map of Ukraine. Photo –

This information has been reported Telegram chain of the Zelensky team, reports “MFN”.

“Soon we will have a new map of Ukraine. Villages, towns and villages – all of this will apply to communities. There will be around 1400-1410 throughout Ukraine. Until that happens, we are forced to live within the framework of the Soviet system, “said Vitaly Bezgin, head of the sub-committee on the administrative and territorial structure of the competent parliamentary committee.

After that, the expert indicated that the Soviet system posed many problems. As he said, all services in villages and towns were provided in the district centers. It was, in his words, a sort of point of attraction. In addition, all of this was formed taking into account the demographic indicators of the 1980s, and today, according to Bezgin, this factual data is incorrect.

“This, of course, will contribute to the development of local self-government and the improvement of the country’s economic situation. This is why the reform, launched in 2014, is now entering its final stretch, “he concluded.

Recall that Pushilin addressed the inhabitants of Donbass and offered him his condolences: an official statement from the head of the “DPR”.



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