Spanish enterprises begin to restore work


The country is still the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe

A policeman distributes masks at Madrid’s Atocha station. Photo:

Spain, now the largest COVID-19 disease center in Europe, relaxed the first sanctions on 13 April. A month after the start of quarantine in the country, some construction and construction companies started working again.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on the eve that the decision to resume the work of the enterprises was made after consultation with scientists, and that further steps would depend on success in the fight against the epidemic.

According to information Guardian, All returned to work to 300 thousand people who are not busy with important facilities. At the same time, shops, bars and cafes will remain closed until at least 26 April. The Ministry of Health called for people returning to work to wear masks if physical distance was not possible. Interior Minister Fernando Grande Maralasca said that on Monday morning, in areas where Easter Monday is not a public holiday, police began distributing protective masks to citizens.

Regional officials criticized the government’s decision because of concerns that it could deny recent gains in the fight against coronaviruses. Thus, the Ministry of Health reported that the number of deaths per night from COVID-19 in Spain fell from 619 on Monday to 517 on Monday, causing a total of 17.489 deaths.

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Earlier, we wrote that the government formed the Council for the Economic Development of Ukraine, which is developing a strategy to get the country out of quarantine. According to the initial plan, Ukrainians “will go to work” in early May-June, and public transport also partially takes care of the period.

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