SPFU chief’s attempt at corruption: the court approved an agreement with the accused



SPFU chief's attempt at corruption: the court approved an agreement with the accused

SPFU chief’s attempt at corruption: the court approved an agreement with the accused

05/28.2020 19:58


The panel of judges of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court condemned and approved a guilty plea agreement between the anti-corruption prosecutor and a former lawyer accused of corruption.

This was reported by the court press service.

“The court found the accused guilty and sentenced him to 5 years in prison. At the same time, according to article 75 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the court released the accused from his prison sentence with a 3-year trial period, “said the press release. .

He was also given additional duties: to inform the approved probation body of a change of place of residence, work or studies; to appear periodically before the authorized probation body and not to leave Ukraine without the consent of the authorized probation body.

After examining the evidence provided by the parties and hearing the participants in the criminal proceedings, the court concluded that the agreement on the recognition of guilt concluded by the parties does not contradict the requirements of the Ukrainian Criminal Code and the Procedural Code Ukrainian criminal law.

The court recognized extenuating circumstances: sincere repentance and active help in the resolution of the crime by the accused; committing criminal offenses by an elderly person.

The verdict may be appealed to the WAKS Appeals Chamber within 30 days of the date of its announcement.

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Recall, according to the prosecution, that in 2019, the accused accused of conspiring with two other people (the documents contained therein are separate), deliberately proposed to provide the president of the State Property Fund of Ukraine a profit undue $ 5,000,000 to establish control over the economic activities of JSC “OPZ” and ensure the conclusion between JSC “OPZ” by circumventing the selection procedure, with predefined companies, contracts for processing raw materials and the appointment of chairman of the board of directors of JSC “OPZ” under his control.

The accused undertook to cooperate with the public prosecutor in the disclosure of the crimes alleged against him and his associates by providing truthful accuser evidence during the trial.

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