Spotify Premium (also Family) free for three months: here’s how to get it


The first quarter of this 2020 showed extremely encouraging data for Spotify (we talked about this in more detail in this article): the well-known music streaming platform was able to exceed 130 million subscribers (paying users) and reach 286 million users.

The staggering numbers, which will undoubtedly be further improved by the latest initiative, voiced for a few hours: the initiative, which provides a three-month Premium trial subscription, still available only for individual accounts or “student” profiles, now also extends to plan “A family”.

To make it clearPremium Family subscription costs € 14.99 per month and allows you to register up to 6 different accounts in one plan (each of which has its own interface), if they are under the same roof (selective checks are performed on the connection IP addresses). That’s not all: remember that the Premium subscription on Spotify allows you to – among other features – listen to music without commercial interruptions and download music locally to enjoy it, even if you do not have an active Internet connection.

Spotify Family Premium must be activated for free for three months by June 30 those who have never had a Premium subscription in the past: at the end of a three-month trial period, a standard payment of € 14.99 will pass, but at any time the subscription can be easily canceled, while obviously continuing to use the free period.


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