Started a new chat bot in Viber in Ukraine


Using the new chat bot, users can order and pay for drugs, receive doctors’ online consultation, and also pass a free express test


Ukrainian health monitoring service Doctor Online makes its debut in association with mobile operator Kievstar Chat bot In Viber Messenger. With its help, any user can order and pay for the purchase of drugs, download applications for online consultation with qualified doctors, and free express tests to get into the risk zone of infection with COVID-19 Can also pass.

Given that Viber is installed on 96% of smartphones, millions of Ukrainians have the opportunity to get free access to quality medical care directly in their gadgets, without leaving home.

Through the bot, you can download a doctor online application, in which a free consultation with a doctor of any expertise is done through chat, as well as an audio or video call. Chatbots also allow you to order and pay for the purchase of drugs inside Viber through the Liki / 2010 service. The delivery of medical supplies will be carried out by service couriers as well as Ukrposhta and Nova Poshta. In addition, users can conduct a short survey, the results of which will determine whether a person is at risk of infection with COVID-19.

Recall, Doctor Online is a telemedicine application developed by the Epinar company with the support of Kievstar. In a doctor online application, users can consult a specialist for advice, obtain a referral for testing, order drug delivery from a partner of the Liki / 2010 application, and also have a medication schedule on the calendar Can, and at the right time, the application will remind you of the need to take medication.

The application is available for use by customers of all mobile operators. Megabytes for use will be charged as per the tariff plan.

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