Starting today in Ukraine, they begin to determine in a new way which areas need to be tightened.



From June 22, the decision whether to strengthen quarantine measures will be taken exclusively by local authorities. The criteria will also change, indicating that it is time to tighten the restrictions.

Quarantine in Ukraine
Quarantine in Ukraine. Photo –

It transfers “MFN” referring to the Cabinet decision.

According to a government decree, quarantine must now be strengthened where:

  • more than 50% of beds for patients with coronavirus are occupied in hospitals;
  • per week, the average number of tests (PCR and ELISA) is less than 24,000 per 100,000 inhabitants;
  • Coronavirus detection rate greater than 11%;
  • the growth dynamics of patients with COVID-19 is greater than 10%.

Local authorities, based on the above indicators, I can decide for myself – to tighten or weaken quarantine measures in various areas (public events, passenger transport by public transport of various types of communications, kindergarten work and the like).

It should be noted that the local authorities will be able to render all quarantine decisions after the conclusion of the regional TEM and emergency commission. The latter, in turn, will be based on the findings of the region’s chief medical officer.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the Cabinet of Ministers authorized the passage of working hours in certain areas to the quarantine period.



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