Stas Mikhailov fell ill with pneumonia: “I really had a coronavirus”



Stas Mikhailov

Fans of 50-year-old Stas Mikhailov noticed that he had recently abandoned his Instagram page, which he had regularly updated before. Back on the social network after the break, he said he suffered from bilateral pneumonia caused by a coronavirus infection. In an interview with Andrei Karaulov, the singer said that the tests had revealed the cause of the disease.

Mikhailov was treated at the Lapino clinical hospital, where he had already left, but continues to stay in his own seclusion home.

You need to understand that quick access to doctors and respect for yourself and others will work. Self-isolation is the best for us today! Understand, we must think not only of ourselves, but also of those who are nearby! “Said Mikhailov.

Stas Mikhailov

Nadezhda Babkina and Stas Mikhailov

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