State to return approximately 27 million WNV trial participants



State to return approximately 27 million WNV trial participants

State to return approximately 27 million WNV trial participants


6/16/2020 6:39 PM


Participants in the UPE trial paid the state more than 53 million UAH for the service, about 27 million UAH were used to prepare the trials.

About this, in a comment to Ukrinform, said the deputy director of the Ukrainian Center for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education Tatyana Vakulenko.

“In general, the WNV trial participants paid more than 53 million UAH. But we have residual funds which were not used for the test tests, since we did not involve instructors, attendants, main instructors. And that amount now stands at around 26 million UAH, “said Vakulenko.

She said that the funds that citizens pay for the opportunity to undergo test tests are used for many items of expenditure.

“It’s about developing test tasks, prototyping, replicating test books, preparing and sending. It concerns the preparation of files, texts for the tasks of the understanding part of the language by ear for the tests in a foreign language. It involves creating test translations in the languages ​​of national minorities, informing participants about the registration process, creating registration services, obtaining results. It is the compensation of employees involved in carrying out an independent independent evaluation. As well as other types of work, ”said Vakulenko.

She noted that UECA and regional education quality assessment centers are now faced with the problem of returning funds for a trial UPR due to a number of factors.

“Now the existing procedures (reimbursement – editor’s note). Provided that each payment is returned by individual payment, we do not have an automatic refund system. Each participant must request a refund. An accountant for each participant must make a separate payment order, enter the system manually. If we talk about regional centers, then 1-2 accountants work respectively in regional centers, we calculated the average duration of such a manual payment, and we understand that on average, a regional center could process these payments for about three years, because we have a large number of participants registered in the regions and each payment would be treated separately, “said Vakulenko.

Another problem, she says, is that most UPR participants do not have bank cards and payment details, payments were made through bank structures, and now the funds need to be transferred to parents. of the participant in the trial UPR, or their guardians or trustees.

“It is a complex implementation mechanism. We ask the banking institutions that have suitable employees for this to receive money that we have not used, to receive compensation from the state and to be able to do it centrally, “said Vakulenko.

She added that it has not yet been determined from what expenses these funds will be reimbursed for the test UPR that the UCOA has already used, but the preliminary mechanism for the return of the funds provided that they would come from the fund against COVID-19.

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As reported by Ukrinform, a WNV trial, scheduled for June 15 and 17 and canceled by Cabinet due to the situation with the coronavirus, can be completed online. On Monday, June 15, a VNO trial on Ukrainian language and literature was to take place. A test UPR in other materials is scheduled for June 17.

The main UPR session in Ukraine is scheduled to take place from June 25 to July 17, 2020.

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