Stepanov: Medic is a job without which life is impossible



Stepanov: Medic is a job without which life is impossible

Stepanov: Medic is a job without which life is impossible


06/21.2020 11:27


The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, Maxim Stepanov, congratulated the Ukrainian doctors on their professional vacation.

He posted such a video message on his Facebook page.

“Today is medical workers day. First of all, I sincerely congratulate all our doctors on their professional vacation. Doctors, nurses and brothers, paramedics, paramedics and paramedics are professions without which normal life is impossible, “he said.

According to him, the COVID-19 epidemic was not only a challenge for the whole country, but also revealed the problems of Ukrainian medicine.

Stepanov noted that Ukrainian doctors demand a lot, but that not everyone understands the conditions under which they should work and save lives.

“Today I am recording this video in an ordinary Ukrainian hospital. There is an absolute majority of these hospitals in our country. It is under these conditions that doctors work daily. I know it firsthand – I saw it all with my own eyes. That is why I have spent several years in different positions creating comfortable working conditions for our doctors, “said the Minister.

He stressed that the lives and health of patients are in the hands of Ukrainian doctors, and it is a very big responsibility that none of them can share, “but you can make your life easier.”

“This is where medical reform must focus. We must create a medical system that is focused on both patients and doctors. This is understood not only by me. This is why, thanks to the support and political will of the President of Ukraine, the salary of doctors will be increased, ”said Stepanov.

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He said that such an increase should take place already in September 2020 and that at the same time, around 2 billion UAH could be allocated each month to increase payments, not only to those who have problems with COVID-19 , but to all employees in the medical industry: “This is the first step and there will be many more such steps. “

“The medical profession must be prestigious not only in terms of content, but not only because of the responsibility that falls on the doctor. It should be prestigious too because doctors receive a decent reward for their work. And they are not looking for happiness in a foreign country, but they feel care and respect in their country of origin, “said the head of the Ministry of Health.

Stepanov thanked all health workers for their dedication, their sacrifice, their saved lives and their loyalty to the profession.

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