Stepanov on the COVID-19 daily record: we will offer certain events



Stepanov on the COVID-19 daily record: we will offer certain events

Stepanov on the COVID-19 daily record: we will offer certain events

11.06.2020 11:12


During the last day, an anti-registration was established to identify new patients with COVID-19, and this is due to citizens’ non-compliance with safety rules after the quarantine measures were relaxed.

This was announced by Health Minister Maxim Stepanov at an information meeting on June 11, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“We still didn’t have such an anti-record. Even in the difficult times of April, when there was a tense situation, we never had 689 people who fell ill in one day. During the week, we are seeing an increased number of recorded cases of coronavirus already in the week. As Minister of Health, I ask you to respect these safety rules, the recommendations that exist. There has already been a call from the president of the country that our quarantine has not been canceled, that the threat has not disappeared. But look in the streets, what’s going on around you: we all left quarantined, we all decided that it no longer existed, that there was no threat like COVID-19, “said Stepanov.

He recalled the number of deaths from coronavirus recorded in the last two days – 23 and 21.

The minister stressed once again that the country has not abolished, but only relaxed the quarantine measures.

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“Why has everyone decided not to be fully respected? We must understand that everything we recommend is not recommended for ourselves … If these measures are followed, the possibility of infection by COVID-19 will go down. But when we stick to them, we see such numbers, which they are, “said the head of the health ministry.

In this context, he stressed that he does not release his responsibilities, but noted that each citizen should take responsibility for his life and his health.

According to Stepanov, the Ministry of Health will introduce certain measures in connection with the increase in the incidence rate, but it has not specified which ones.

“Now that we have a slight increase in the number of patients with COVID-19, we will propose certain measures – for the health of Ukrainians, for your healthy life,” said Stepanov.

As Ukrinform reported, according to data from the Public Health Center, as of June 11 in Ukraine, there were 29,070 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 854 were fatal, 13,141 patients have recovered. 689 new cases were registered per day, and this is the most since the start of the registration of COVID-19 in Ukraine.

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