Stepanov refutes mass infection fakes during tests



Stepanov refutes mass infection fakes during tests

In Ukraine today, there is not a single case of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in healthy people during their tests, and there is practically no such possibility.

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said this during a briefing on April 25, according to a Ukrinform correspondent.

“Of course, this is false information (that during the COVID-19 test, healthy people will be massively infected with the same virus, – editor’s note). We do not have such cases because the testing mechanism eliminates the infection of a healthy person with the COVID-19 virus. This is ensured, first of all, both by the testing mechanism itself and by the fact that medical workers operate it in personal protective equipment using appropriate algorithms. Therefore, we have no such cases, and there is practically no possibility of this happening, “said the Minister.

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As Ukrinform reported, according to the Ministry of Health, by the morning of April 25, 8,125 cases of coronavirus had been registered in Ukraine. During the last day, the number of people infected increased by 478 people. As a result of complications from the disease, 201 people died, including 105 men and 96 women. Among the dead, people over the age of 50 predominate (86%). 782 patients recovered.

At the same time, 1,574 medical workers fell ill with coronavirus disease in Ukraine.

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