Stepanov said that 2.9 billion from the fund “coronavirus”



Stepanov said what 2.9 billion

Stepanov said that 2.9 billion from the fund “coronavirus”

06.06.2020 19:49


From the COVID-19 Fund, funds have been allocated for the purchase of mechanical ventilation equipment, personal protective equipment, laboratory equipment and the salaries of laboratory workers in the Department of Health.

This was announced during a briefing after a government meeting by Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov.

“In total, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted several decisions which were submitted by the Ministry of Health, the first for the purchase of mechanical ventilation devices, the amount is about 100 million UAH. There are also a decree on the supply of personal protective equipment, on the increase of salaries of employees of laboratory centers and on the purchase of additional equipment for laboratory centers, the amount is 2.9 billion UAH “said Stepanov.

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He noted that this money has already been distributed, the procurement process is carried out by the GP “Medical Procurement”. According to Stepanov, if, after buying the necessary number of certain items, the funds remain, they can be returned to the budget. However, according to him, the money saved can be used for additional purchases of personal protective equipment, given their deficit.

Stepanov said what 2.9 billion

“I think we can count on the purchase of additional personal protective equipment because we see the conditions in the country. And I am sure there should be reservations, now everyone understands that we have to create the necessary balances in our hospitals, “said Stepanov. .

The Coronavirus Foundation was created for the quarantine period and for 30 days from the date of cancellation of the quarantine. The total amount of the fund is 64.7 billion UAH. It is proposed that these funds be used to purchase goods, works and services, including the purchase of medical services under the state guarantee program for medical services to the population; for additional salary payments to medical and other employees directly involved in the disposal of COVID-19.

In addition, the money can be used to pay extra for certain categories of workers providing livelihoods during the period of fighting the spread of the disease, as well as to provide cash assistance to citizens, including people elderly, related to the negative consequences of the spread of COVID-19.

As part of this fund, one-time financial assistance is expected for family members of medical personnel and other health care workers who have died as a result of COVID-19, as well as a transfer to the Pension Fund of Ukraine .

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The money can be used for financial assistance to the Social Insurance Fund and the Compulsory Social Insurance Fund of the State of Ukraine in the event of unemployment, or for the replenishment of the reserve fund of the budget of the ‘State.

As Ukrinform pointed out, at the next government meeting, the issue of allocating funds from the COVID-19 fund to the Social Insurance Fund to make insurance payments to health workers in accordance with art . 39 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases”.

In Ukraine, as of June 3, 24,823 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed, in particular 483 in the past day, 735 people have died, 10,440 have been cured.

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