Stepanov severely criticized Suprun’s reforms: not everyone will receive medical treatment



The current head of the Ministry of Health, Maxim Stepanov, has publicly cited the main drawbacks of the work of his predecessor, Ulyana Suprun. Stapanov is sure that not all innovations are justified.

Maxim Stepanov
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It is reported by “Shary.NET“, Reports” MFN “.

The main problem that Stepanov notes is the situation of underfunding of many medical institutions.

“We are seeing a significant deficit. 1600 contracts were concluded with medical establishments throughout the country, and among them, 984 hospitals are missing. Now they receive less money than before. Comparing the difference between 2020 and 2019, it can be noted that funding has decreased from 10% to 50%, “said Stepanov.

As an example, he identified the Zaporizhzhya Regional Center for Emergency Medical Assistance. In 2020, this institution will receive 67 million hryvnia less, although funding was not too high there before.

Stepanov points out that the lack of funds leads to a reduction in employees. This is particularly noticeable on an ambulance. In the Zaporizhzhya region, their number will increase from 154 to 110. This will mean that not everyone will be able to receive emergency medical care quickly. A similar situation is observed across the country.

As noted above, famine of biblical proportions: the UN has issued an emergency declaration.

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