Stepanov: There cannot be “equalization” in the prices of medical services



Stepanov: There cannot be

Stepanov: There cannot be “equalization” in the prices of medical services

05/09.2020 11:16


The head of the Ministry of Health, Maxim Stepanov, says that tariff adjustments for medical services under the state guarantee program have been launched to prevent the destruction of the health system.

He said this during a briefing on Saturday, reports the Ukrinform correspondent.

In particular, as the Minister noted, with regard to the second stage of medical reform, which began on April 1, “I have already said several times, and I want to repeat it: the main problem that arose there is that it can lead to a catastrophic destruction of drugs in Ukraine, destruction in some regions. “

According to Stepanov, “it’s a disaster” was born, among other things, due to an unbalanced policy concerning certain tariffs. “For example, the same birth rate. It’s 8 thousand 136 hryvnias 3 kopecks, supposedly it’s calculated to a penny, if you look at it. But this price is the same for all births, regardless of how a woman gives birth – either a physiological birth, a cesarean, or a pathological birth. This is life, this is medicine, and our doctors save people’s health, and therefore there cannot be a single price, there cannot be “equalization”, because a sum of money different is spent in this case for having these deliveries, “said Stepanov.

He clarified that when the activities, in particular, of the perinatal centers have been analyzed, and basically they are highly specialized medical facilities where physiological births are much less than pathological births, “then the amount of money they spend for childbirth is much more than the calculated fare. “

“How can they guarantee what is written in our medical reform program?” How can they provide and guarantee comprehensive and guaranteed medical care? How will they survive and pay normal wages? How will they buy drugs based on calculations and calculated prices? I think that this approach, which has been proposed, this deception, which has been proposed by the so-called experts who calculated these tariffs, is unacceptable … I think I should tell the truth, speak as I am. And on the consequences, if we had not started to adjust the second stage of the reform so that we would wait a while. This is why we have started these adjustments in order to avoid the destruction of our health system, ”said the head of the Ministry of Health.

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As Ukrinform reported, the second stage of medical reform, which began on April 1, provides that health facilities providing specialized and highly specialized medical care will receive funding under an agreement with the NHA. In particular, it was expected that the patient would be able to choose the medical facility in which they would like assistance, and the NHA will pay for that medical facility for the services provided.

At the same time, on May 4, President Vladimir Zelensky announced that he could not authorize the second phase of medical reform in its current form, because due to the new funding mechanism, around 50,000 doctors could be fired and more than 300 closed hospitals.

Zelensky called on the Minister of Health, the chairman of the competent committee of the Verkhovna Rada and the chief doctor to urgently propose solutions to these problems.

The head of the Ministry of Health, Maxim Stepanov, said on May 5 that Ukraine will change the funding of the medical industry. According to him, the ministry plans to leave hospital funding at the 2019 level, while the main buyers of medical services remain the NHA.

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