Stepanov to highlight staffing decisions for people preventing doctors from paying premiums



Stepanov to highlight staffing decisions for people preventing doctors from paying premiums

Stepanov to highlight staffing decisions for people preventing doctors from paying premiums

09/05/2020 10:35


Health Minister Maxim Stepanov said he would insist on making personal decisions about those who hinder the payment of 300% supplements to doctors who work with patients with COVID-19.

He said this during a briefing on Saturday, reports the Ukrinform correspondent.

“I can assure all of our medical workers that, first, this situation will end and, without exception, all medical workers who should have received this supplement, they will receive it.” Secondly, this situation is under the control of the President of Ukraine and the government, and we, as Ministry of Health, carry out this control by direct communication with our regions. I will report accordingly to the Prime Minister and the President of Ukraine on this situation. I will insist on making appropriate management decisions, including staffing, I don’t understand who gave the right, sorry, just making fun of our medical staff, our doctors who have worked and work with patients COVID-19, “said Stepanov.

Informing of the payment of 300% of the premium to the doctors who worked with COVID-19 in March, he assured that the government and the Ministry of Health, for their part, “fully respected all their promises without exception before April 15” .

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“How did it happen? In other words, we have found a source of funds. This source – a medical grant, which – in total – 905 million UAH, was transferred to the regions. This is the first. Second: we determined how much money is needed for this medical grant in the context of each region, based on the number of cases that occurred in March, based on the number of medical workers in each region, for each medical facility that worked with patients with COVID-19, we thus determined the total amount of funds required. It amounted to 181 million UAH, “said Stepanov.

The Minister stressed that the amount of funds transferred to the regions fully covered the conditions for payment of these premiums by 300%.

“On the basis of my experience as regional chief for 2 years, I can tell you that after having received funds for the payment of salaries, and that the mechanism is clearly established by the State, it is the maximum period – a maximum of one week. We already have a certain quest when we are trying to find out why the money has not been paid to our medical workers, “said the Minister.

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He noted that the Ministry of Health had an unusual oversight function for each medical worker: whether or not the funds were paid to him.

Stepanov recalled that this week he had a meeting with the heads of the health services, which was also attended by the vice-presidents of regional state administrations.

According to him, the meeting was responsible for reporting at the end of the day, Friday, May 8, on the payment of 300% of the premium to doctors.

The Minister noted that the regions of Dnipropetrovsk, Kiev and Kherson had not reported and that there were questions about reports from certain regions which had provided data.

As reported by Ukrinform, President Vladimir Zelensky said at a daily meeting on May 6 that he wanted to find and punish those responsible for the delay in paying the co-payments promised to doctors working with patients with COVID- 19.

Earlier in a briefing, Health Minister Maxim Stepanov noted that all medical workers who had not received a 300% supplement for March would receive cash payment in the near future.

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