Sternenko activist summoned to SBU on suspicion



Sternenko activist summoned to SBU on suspicion

Sternenko activist summoned to SBU on suspicion


05/14.2020 22:15


Activist Sergei Sternenko said he was called to the SBU on Monday May 18 to report his suspicions.

The activist wrote about this in Telegram.

“I was called to the SBU to report suspicions,” wrote Sternenko.

According to him, Monday at 9 am, he should appear at the Directorate General of Investigation of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kiev and in the Kiev region at 3a Askoldov Lane, Kiev.

As the activist wrote, the appeal officially declared that “it was in case 1215 (against me) and for having participated in investigations and procedures”.

Sternenko activist summoned to SBU on suspicion

Sternenko clarified that the SBU investigator in the appeal does not indicate for what type of investigative and procedural actions he is called.

In addition, the activist posted an agenda screen.

As reported, on the evening of May 24, 2018, two assailants attacked Sternenko, 23, and his girlfriend. Repelling the attackers, he fatally wounded one of them with a knife in the stomach. Sternenko himself and the second attacker, who were quickly arrested by the police and immediately released, were stabbed, given witness status, and then granted state protection.

According to the facts of the attacks on Sternenko, the procedural direction is currently exercised in three criminal proceedings and another indictment against the alleged aggressor has been sent to the court.

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In March 2020, a number of human rights and public organizations called on law enforcement officials to impartially investigate the criminal case in connection with the attack on the activist audience Sergei Sternenko.

Earlier, Attorney General Irina Venediktova said the investigation would suspect the activist anyway.


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