Sternenko case: judge entered the deliberation room



Sternenko case: judge entered the deliberation room

Sternenko case: judge entered the deliberation room

06/15.2020 21:29


The investigating judge of the Shevchenkovsky district court, Vladimir Bugil, who is considering a request to elect a preventive measure to Sergei Sternenko, has withdrawn to the deliberative room.

This was reported by the Ukrinform correspondent.

“The court goes to the deliberation room,” said Bougil.

The activist began taking preventive action in the afternoon of June 12, then the meeting lasted about 8 hours, after which a break was announced until Monday.

Today, the meeting continued at 10 a.m. Consequently, the cumulative hearing on the election of a Sternenko preventive measure has lasted for approximately 19 hours.

Meanwhile, the court questioned two experts – the doctors, Alexander Linchevsky and Alexander Danilyuk, the prosecutor Andrei Radionov, who, according to the media, refused to sign the suspicions of Sternenko, questioned a number of deputies members of the VSK BP to investigate attacks on activists, particularly Victoria. Syumar, Geo Leroyus, Solomiya Bobrovskaya, Dmitry Gurin.

According to Sternenko himself, around 200 people wanted to release him.

The court decided that 15 people could testify, including the deputies Maria Ionova, Yana Zinkevich (European Solidarity), Kira Rudyk, Olga Stefanishina, Roman Kostenko, Yaroslav Yurchishin, Roman Lozinsky (Golos), Alexander Marikovsky (“Servant of the people” ).

The desire to bail Sternenko was also expressed by former head of the health ministry, Ulyana Suprun, hero of Ukraine Vladimir Zhemchugov, former Kremlin captive Vladimir Balukh and others.

Today, after clashes in Shevchenkovsky court, as reported by Kiev police chief Andrey Krischenko, two police officers were sacked.

With regard to those who attacked journalists, administrative protocols were drawn up on hooliganism and non-compliance with the legal requirements of the police.

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Police also initiated criminal proceedings under article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – obstructing journalistic activities.

As reported, on June 15, the Shevchenkovsky Court continued to consider the request for the election of a preventive measure to Sternenko.

He was informed on June 11 of a suspected crime within the meaning of art. 115 h.1 (intentional infliction of unlawful death on another person) and art. 263 para. 2 (transport of cold steel without the authorization provided for by law) of the Criminal Code.

On the evening of May 24, 2018, two assailants attacked Sternenko and his girlfriend. While pushing back, the activist fatally wounded one of them with a knife in the stomach. Sternenko himself and the second attacker, who were quickly detained by the police but immediately released, stabbed him and granted him witness and state guard status.

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