Sternenko’s self-defense murder statements don’t match reality – SBU



Sternenko's self-defense murder statements don't match reality - SBU

Sternenko’s self-defense murder statements don’t match reality – SBU

11/06/2020 14:28


The statements that activist Sergei Sternenko injured one of the assailants Ivan Kuznetsov during self-defense and subsequently inflicted no injuries are false.

This is stated in a message dated June 11 on the SBU website.

“Today, taking into account the elements of the case and the interrogations carried out, in agreement with the Office of the Prosecutor General, Sergey Sternenko has been informed of a suspected offense under Article 115, Part 1 (intentionally causing the death of another person) and Article 263, part 2 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (transporting cold steel without legal authorization), “the statement said.

Sternenko's self-defense murder statements don't match reality - SBU

Sternenko's self-defense murder statements don't match reality - SBU

The SBU noted that the investigation into the “Sternenko affair” has long since moved from a purely legal to a political information plan.

“Therefore, given the outcry, the Security Service of Ukraine notes that it approaches the investigation of any crime impartially and is guided exclusively by the rules of the law,” said the statement.

As stated in the SBU, indeed, as evidenced by the elements of the case, it can be said that Kuznetsov and another attacker Alexander Isaikul were intended to intimidate and cause bodily harm to Sternenko.

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“Consequently, the actions of the attackers by the investigators were qualified in accordance with article 296, part 4 of the penal code. In defending himself, the public activist was punched with the left hand and stabbed with the hand As a result, Isaikul was injured in the anterior abdominal wall and Kuznetsov received a penetrating stab wound, an acute injury to the abdomen, and we note that such actions by Sternenko may correspond to the concept of “necessary defense”. However, his new actions cast doubt on the aforementioned version, “said the report.

The SBU noted that since Kuznetsov had fled the attack on Sternenko was considered complete – nothing was threatening his life and his health. However, Sternenko ran after Kuznetsov, caught up with him, and inflicted several wounds on him, including a stab in the heart, which resulted in his death. Kuznetsov’s body was found almost 100 meters from the site of the first fight. “That is, the statements that Sternenko injured Kuznetsov in self-defense, and did not subsequently inflict any injuries, are false. An examination made during the preliminary investigation revealed a version of intentional murder, “reports the SBU.

In addition, according to SBU investigators, Sternenko’s words appear doubtful that he inflicted fatal injuries with a knife, which he allegedly took from Kuznetsov and Isaikul. “Sergei has personally confirmed that the knife belongs to his own online Facebook broadcast from the scene. In view of the above, reporting a suspected crime is a requirement of the law, which applies regardless of information campaigns and the political condemnations of those who raped him “, in SBU.

They added to the SBU that no investigation could be interrupted because of the patriotic opinions of his defendants.

As Ukrinform reported, Sternenko arrived at the SBU’s Main Investigation Department on June 11 to suspect him.

On the evening of May 24, 2018, two assailants attacked Sternenko and his girlfriend. Repelling the attackers, he fatally wounded one of them with a knife in the stomach. Sternenko himself and the second attacker, who were quickly arrested by the police and immediately released, were stabbed, granted witness status, and then state protection.

As regards the facts of the attacks on Sternenko, the procedural management is carried out in the framework of three criminal proceedings, another indictment against the alleged aggressor has been sent to the court.

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