Stop pretending to be a tsar – Zelensky had a serious conversation with Tishchenko



The Ukrainian president is very unhappy that the people’s deputy of the “servant of the people” Mykola Tishchenko allowed himself to ignore the quarantine and did not close his restaurant.

Nikolay Tishchenko
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Deputy head of the presidential office Kirill Tymoshenko, who broadcasts the political program “Freedom of expression”, said that Vladimir Zelensky was very unhappy that the deputy of his faction had violated the quarantine.

It is reported by the “MFN”.

Tymoshenko noted that after the scandal, the head of state summoned Nikolai Tishchenko to a serious conversation:

“The president spoke harshly with Tishchenko. Indeed, the rules are the same for everyone, his restaurant was not allowed to work. I hope this will be an example for the deputies of others. Because the deputy’s crust does not make him a king. “

The result of this conversation, Tymoshenko noted, is that Nikolai Tishchenko closed the Velor restaurant:

“I don’t know, he worked from the start of his forties or only for a day or two … But now it’s definitely closed. This difficult conversation should become an example for the faction, and for all the others, that the rules should not be broken. “

We will remind, earlier the Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov declared that the restaurant Tishchenko had violated the quarantine.



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