Strict quarantine could be renewed in several Ukrainian regions



According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko, the Ministry of Health has developed several scenarios for the development of the coronavirus in the country.

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On this subject, writes “MFN” in reference to a briefing by Viktor Lyashko.

There are four scenarios in total and they depend on the number of deaths. According to the most favorable scenario, in Ukraine, there should not be more than 1000 deaths due to COVID-19 – this is a “green” scenario:

“But today we have 966 deaths … While we are in the green zone, there are fears that there will be more than 1,000 dead.”

If we cross this line, Ukraine will enter the “yellow-green” scenario, according to which there should not be more than 2.5 thousand deaths by the end of the year. There is also a “yellow” scenario (more than 4,000 deaths) and a “black” scenario (more than 7,000 deaths):

“If the coronavirus is seasonal in nature, then in summer there should be no new deaths … This, unfortunately, we do not observe. We now move to the “yellow” scenario. But if people adhere to quarantine measures, then we can stay in the “yellow-green” scenario, that is, no more than 2.5 thousand dead by the end of the year. “

But, Lyashko noted, if people do not adhere to the mask regime and social distance, this month they will have to impose strict quarantine in certain areas:

“If the virus has no seasonality, then in several areas it will be necessary to tighten the quarantine from June 22. But if we follow the “yellow-green” scenario, then we can do without quarantine for 3-4 months … But I emphasize once again: if we ignore the restriction measures, we will return to hard quarantine. “

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