Super offer for former WINDTRE customers


Very mobile This is the new virtual operator WINDTRE. Effective since February last year, the provider provides users with several very affordable rates. In addition, Very Mobile launched new CamsPAgna win back contacting him former WINDTRE customers and offers a really interesting offer.

Very Mobile offer available to former WINDTRE customers includes unlimited minutes and SMS, as well as 50 GB in 4G (with download and upload speeds up to 30 Mbps) at the price of everything 4.99 euros per month, This offer can be activated directly online with an activation fee of 5 euros and free SIM card delivery to the address indicated during registration. We remind you that Very Mobile offers allow you to expect a monthly extension in case of GB depletion.

Recall that, as a rule, the Very 4.99 offer with a cost of 4.99 euros per month makes availableand unlimited minutes and SMS and 30 GB and available only to customers some virtual operators and for those who activate a new mobile number. For Iliad, TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE, Kena Mobile and other customers. On mobile devices that do not receive an offer to return via SMS, it is possible to activate the inexpensive Very 11.99, which offers 30 GB for 11.99 euros per month.


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