Suprun believes that the threatening situation with vaccines in Ukraine



Suprun believes that the threatening situation with vaccines in Ukraine

About 10 billion hryvnia allocated to public drug and product markets in 2020 has yet to be used, including vaccines for free vaccinations in hospitals.

This was announced by ex-Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun on Facebook.

“Even without access to information on the availability of vaccines in the regions, we can say that the situation is threatening. So far, around 10 billion hryvnia allocated to public procurement of medicines and products in 2020 has not that, in fact, including vaccine funds for free vaccinations in hospitals, “she said.

According to her, such a delay in supply will lead to the return of failures in the supply of vaccines, the threat of epidemics of infectious diseases and the inevitable risks for millions of children and adults.

Suprun said that World Immunization Week started today, stressing that this was yet another reason to draw attention to the subject of immunization in Ukraine.

The former minister is convinced that if civil society misses the point, with the exception of COVID-19, we will receive far more deadly threats.

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Furthermore, she stressed that it should not be forgotten that the subject of vaccines had long been a favorite among manipulators and propagandists, and Russian troll factories used it as a hybrid war tool to destabilize the information space.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how quickly a disease can paralyze the lives of entire countries and how long a vaccine can be awaited. But we would be in an even worse situation if the vaccines against measles, diphtheria , polio and other infectious disease, “said Suprun.

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