Suprun’s reform is disastrous for Ukrainian medicine: Stepanov



The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has announced that the medical reform, so ardently introduced by Ulyana Suprun, is totally unsuited to the real situation that has developed in Ukrainian society.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Maxim Stepanov.
Stepanov announced the suspension of the second stage of medical reform. Photo:

According to Minister Stepanov, the reform is based on individual elements of the Western country models, so it cannot be fully adapted to the situation in Ukraine, and the second stage of the reform has generally resulted in the destruction of several areas and specializations of the country’s medicine.

“Emergency medical care was at stake. In some regions, the under-funding is between 60 and 80%. This will reduce 30% of the paramedics. “ He stated.

According to the minister, as a result of the reform, 332 hospitals are expected to be closed across Ukraine and 50 to 70,000 health workers are expected to be laid off.

A coronavirus epidemic had previously been reported in the Sumy supermarket, the number of people infected is increasing.

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