Surkov was not dismissed by accident: the Kremlin gave a clear signal to the L / DPR



Vladislav Surkov, who has long been the curator of the so-called Donbass “people’s republics” (L / DPR), suddenly disappeared from the region’s area of ​​influence and was dismissed from the civil service, giving way to Dmitry Kozak.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Vladislav Surkov.
Vladislav Surkov was not accidentally removed; the Russian Federation has changed the concept of Donbass. Photo:

Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky explained where the former conservative went and what to expect from the uncontrolled Donbas after he resigned.

He believes that Surkov was removed from office due to the fact that Moscow abandoned its concept of “Novorossiya” in Donbas and that it was necessary to prepare the region for change.

It was a diplomatic decision by Russia. The concept has changed, and now Kozak is negotiating with Yermak on the conditions for the return of the occupied Donbas territories to the fold of Ukraine.

At the same time, Belkovsky is confident that Surkov will not be without work, and he will most likely receive a position in one of the state-owned fuel companies.

Earlier, elections were reported in the uncontrolled territory of Donbass.



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