Suspect tips-2: how to overcome anxiety when the edges of the epidemic are not visible



Suspect tips-2: how to overcome anxiety when the edges of the epidemic are not visible

Suspect tips-2: how to overcome anxiety when the edges of the epidemic are not visible


12/06/2020 18:58


First of all, you need to understand that anxiety is a normal reaction to threatening circumstances and try to direct it towards creativity, work and other good deeds.

Statistics of the incidence of Covid-19 in Ukraine are not yet happy, the second day, it remains at almost 700 cases. As far as possible, municipal authorities and mayors urge citizens to respect the basic rules of epidemic security. But, unfortunately, not everyone does it.

It is fair to say that during the quarantine in Ukraine we are all tired of it. The constant wearing of masks, increased vigilance when you cannot relax in transport or in the store, minimizing contact with family and friends, travel, information stress … And yet – it is important – to understand that this is still not the case will end soon. Now, many of us are looking for answers for ourselves, how can we overcome the anxiety due to the spread of the coronavirus – because of the rejection of usual life, its simple joys, that – we have now realized all this – did not appreciate. For people, especially suspicious people, finding answers to these questions is extremely important. Therefore, other advice from leading psychologists on how we all accept the situation and live it further.

Anxiety and fear can be directed towards creativity or work

In the midst of a pandemic, we must all remember that mental health is just as important as physical. If a person is unable to cope with their emotional state themselves, it is best to contact a specialist. If this is not possible, Vladimir Savinov, social psychologist and researcher at the Laboratory of Social Psychology of Personality of the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, in the event of revelation of a increased anxiety, advise to think of three things.

Suspect tips-2: how to overcome anxiety when the edges of the epidemic are not visible

Vladimir Savinov

The first. An anxiety state, if not at the pathological level, is a normal human reaction to abnormal and threatening circumstances. Therefore, it should first be understood that it is not “I am bad or not adaptable”, but this situation is such – inadequate and uncomfortable. And my reaction to such conditions is a definite challenge for my abilities: reason, willpower, emotional balance and other personality potentials. “To help develop personal capacities (or qualities) – all recommendations from doctors, psychologists, trainers, nutritionists and other health professionals. Voluntary organization of the rhythm of life, in particular of sleep, reducing the use of coffee and d other stimulants and relaxants, regular light physical exercises and relaxation techniques, etc. – all this requires your attention, because the rhythm of the “clock” has gone astray, you have to help it with special efforts. overcoming the state of anxiety, you will have to become a little better. And not through usual practices, but through somewhat new organization, “says the psychologist.

The second. An essential sign of anxiety is the uncertainty of its object. “Therefore, it is worth looking for it. Above all, devote time to it and slowly determine what exactly is bothering me? In thought, in communication with relatives, friends or even create a list. Then anxiety turns into fear – a feeling, maybe stronger, but more And then, it is already possible to determine with your own mind, what should I do with regard to specific threats? Then everyone will learn how behave with your own fear, if it is clear what exactly represents the threat and damage you expect. “Vladimir Savinov.

The third. An alarming situation affects in a generalized and cumulative way. This means, overall, without nuances and cumulatively, when each nuisance and expectation of loss is put on the scale of “penny to penny”. Therefore, we must again pay attention to both the situation and its perceptions.

“For example, our EMO-COVID-19 questionnaire (a psychologist invites you to join the study at this link) showed that people around the world experience almost the same palette of emotions. Both anger in quarantine and the irritation towards the authorities because of his absurd actions, his joy for all those who have recovered, his interest in the development of the situation in the world, his fear for his loved ones … So do not be one-dimensional, recognize all your emotions and don’t just focus on anxiety, “advises the expert.

In conclusion, he adds that anxiety is also an energy that can be directed, for example, towards creativity. “And if fear easily turns into aggression, then now you can think about where you use it profitably. Of course, in cultural and non-violent forms. For example, at work,” concludes Vladimir Savinov .

Personal responsibility and mercy as an anxiety therapy

Tina Beradze, well-known psychiatrist, psychotherapist, member of the Harvard University School of Medicine Alumni Association and chair of the supervisory board of the international charity Mental Health Initiative, advises to study the situation philosophically.

Suspect tips-2: how to overcome anxiety when the edges of the epidemic are not visible

Tina Beradze

“As a doctor with many years of practice, it is the first time that I observe such a tense situation in the country and in the world. It is worth understanding: if a person has such circumstances of the life that she has nothing left to feed her family, so she will not be able to reduce her anxiety. But explain: the state has also lost a lot because people started to earn less, and therefore less taxes. Big companies, like airlines, went bankrupt. But it was all necessary to save people. If you look at it like that, it gets a little easier. Although it sounds a little pathetic, but our lives “is really priceless. As long as a person is alive, you can change everything,” says the psychologist.

She adds that returning to a previous lifestyle during a pandemic is even more stressful for the body than when we were forced to sit at home. People have a certain fear of integrating into the usual diet.

“A person has to explain that stress is normal. When we were released, we again became anxious about the distrust of the medical system. After all, if we get sick, we don’t know what’s going to happen to us. Our psyche is more worrying about it. ” it’s the unknown. It is the greatest fear of the population. Second, we don’t have insurance drugs, and the generally wealthy and influential oligarchs have already reserved VIP rooms, ventilation machines and medical staff for themselves. And that adds to the anxiety, but I will emphasize that such a reaction is normal. On the contrary, if we were not worried under the current conditions, it would be an unhealthy reaction, “says Tina Beradze.

She stresses: it is time for everyone to realize that it is now a period of personal responsibility for health – his own and those close to him – and that means unconditional respect for all the rules of hygiene. “It is important to realize that nothing has changed: it is the same street we walk every day, it is our relatives, our friends, the same workplace, the same metro. Only one thing has changed – We have to defend ourselves. As soon as we start It is okay, our anxiety level decreases, the person ceases to be nervous because he understands that he is responsible for his life, his health, especially psychological. Remember that if you are stressed, you increase the level of cortisol in the body, which destroys our immunity.

What is the most important antidepressant in humans? Everything is simple – mercy and help to others, “says the psychologist. And he adds: no matter how scary we are, we have to face reality. And accept it. The awareness that you are protecting yourself and the environment improves your mood and lowers anxiety. And for those who ignore the rules of epidemic security with weakened quarantine, let’s add: the end of quarantine does not mean that the disease has disappeared, a threat like a virus, unfortunately can not be seen physically, but that does not mean that it does not exist.Some skeptics Unfortunately, we have already tested it on ourselves, so we will be alert and healthy!

And to know more about the behavior model of a responsible person in quarantine conditions, even weakened, read the material “Suspect advice – 1”.

Julia Gorban, Kiev

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