Svetlana Loboda presented the video for the song “My”. It consists of rare shots from the family archives



Svetlana Loboda with daughter Eva in the video for the song “My”

On May 1, 37-year-old Svetlana Loboda released a new single called “My” and just hours ago she released a music video to her fans. The five-minute video clip is a section of shots from the singer’s archives, taken during her travels around the world with children, tours and backstage concerts.

The video also included touching video clips made during the star’s second pregnancy – on some shots, Svetlana’s eldest daughter, Eva, 9, accompanies her mother on an ultrasound, and in others, Loboda suffers from contractions in the hospital room. According to the plot of the video, the main character sadly watches these videos on the big screen.

We have created an easy and very emotional video for you. We hope that the nostalgia for the time when we could meet did not last long, and very soon we will see each other again in new concerts. In the meantime, enjoy your family! Our children and loved ones are all we need

– Svetlana wrote in a new post with the announcement of the clip on her Instagram.

Svetlana Loboda in the video for the song “My”

Svetlana Loboda with daughter Eva in the video for the song “My”

In the comments, many fans have remarked that this clip is very different from Loboda’s previous clips – in their opinion, this video has been particularly touching and sincere. After the presentation of this clip, many fans of the star even watched it from the other side:

What a sweet and sweet clip. You are real here. More of these open clips on the other hand,

Here is Loboda’s past – tender, sweet and sensual! The song and the clip are great!

What a cool! These videos come the most – they are real and real, very close!

Svetlana Loboda with daughter Tilda in the video for the song “My”

Recall that now Svetlana Loboda is isolating herself in her country house with her daughters, Eve, 9 years old, and Tilda, 2 years old. The singer admits that she misses a lot of concerts and her fans, but she is very happy that due to the coronavirus pandemic, she had the unique opportunity to finally be at home with her children and not to rush nowhere.

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