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Country wants to replace receipts with digital code

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In late June, Switzerland will initiate payment on a QR account with the ability to read all data for payment. The digital code will replace seven different payment receipts. Its mission is to make the processing of invoices and credit transfers easier for companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and consumers.

QRBill will include Information about the company, as well as the time and amount of payment. All required data can be read without scanning, as the bank account number, the recipient’s name will be printed on the right side of the code.

Recipients will be able to pay the bill through Internet banking and the bank’s mobile application (for this you will have to scan the code using the banking application on your smartphone). In addition, an invoice can be sent to the post office as a receipt of payment – it can be paid at the post office or ATM and then sent to the bank as a payment order.

It has been reported that QR account issuers can create themselves and print on white perforated paper. The service will be available from 30 June.

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The project has been developed and launched by financial provider SIX. It was first announced two years ago.

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Earlier, we wrote that the state application “Dia” had an opportunity to read the QR code. The QR-document in “Дії” is tested by a smartphone, so you don’t need a separate device or program. To use the functionality, you must update the application to version 1.9.0. The new version has also improved push notifications, their settings and other technical details.

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