Synod of Ukrainian Orthodox Church decides how it will organize Palm Sunday, Easter and funeral



Synod of Ukrainian Orthodox Church decides how it will organize Palm Sunday, Easter and funeral

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not hold traditional joint consecrations of willows and Easter food in churches and temple grounds, and visits to cemeteries on the day of the funeral have been postponed to June 6.

This is indicated in the decision of the UCP Synod.

“Choosing between completely closing churches and banning worship, as is currently the case in many countries, and limited quarantine requirements for the possibility of worship, to the benefit of the fullness of the local church, taking care of the physical and spiritual health of believers and of society as a whole, judicious In view of the reinforced quarantine measures, the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has decided to hold Holy Week and to celebrate Easter “, according to the report.

In particular, the Synod agreed that the usual general consecration of willows and Easter dishes for the laity in temples and on temple territory would not be organized in order to prevent overcrowding.

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At the same time, it is noted that, on the basis of the explanations of the National Police, in accordance with the requirements, non-soldiers will not refuse the laity who come individually to the temple with religious needs to satisfy them.

In small agglomerations (villages, urban-type agglomerations, in areas with predominantly individual buildings), the Synod of PTsU instructed to inform lay people about the consecration of Easter dishes in their place of residence – in the street near from home or in the yard, respecting “ social distance ”; during the individual consecration of Easter dishes in the places of residence of believers – do not allow their congestion and check compliance with general quarantine standards.

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In addition, the Synod has decided to organize, in agreement with the competent institutions, the consecration of Easter dishes in advance at the places of their production and sale, in advance (during the days of the Week Holy), with the request that believers be informed in writing that their dishes have already been blessed by the Orthodox pastor.

“In the event that the laity have not had the opportunity to receive the blessing of willows and Easter dishes by one of the methods listed, leave the laity on the feast day, after having read the corresponding prayers for the blessings in the temples, sprinkle them with holy water, for it is sanctified “so that all that they draw” and they consumed it, had it for the purification of souls and bodies, for the healing passions, for the consecration of houses and for all the great benefits “(of the Order of the Great Consecration of Water)”, they informed the PCU.

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At the same time, the Synod postponed the visit of the clergy and laity of the cemeteries to the day of the funeral after Easter and the performance of their prayers for the dead during the parental funeral for the Trinity on Saturday June 6.

In addition, in preparation for Easter, through announcements, sermons and in the media, the church will appeal to older family members or those caring for them to ensure that these children are cared for. people have dedicated Easter dishes at home and following observance. quarantine standards did not remain without a traditional festive meal.

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Ukrinform says President Vladimir Zelensky in a video message on April 7 promised to help broadcast Easter services on television and urged Ukrainians to remember the commandment to love others and not to create of danger to others.

Since March 12, Ukraine has introduced quarantine in educational institutions and a number of other measures to control the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. Thereafter, the quarantine was extended until April 24.

Since April 6, restrictive measures have been tightened in Ukraine.

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