Take part in the battle for the Zupuki Prize. Win crunch and prize


Any state and commercial company can nominate himself or her partner, prove worthy of the award, collect the most votes and receive the award.

This year, the Zupukki.kraschi award is marked for the fourth time in electronic procurement. State-owned enterprises and businesses will receive awards in three categories: “Public Options”, “Results in the System” and “Expert Options”.

“Public Choice” is an award by which market players can celebrate their opinions, best work among customers and suppliers. From June 5 to July 6, state and commercial companies have the opportunity to nominate their candidates who are eligible for the award. What is the need of it? Go for Relations And fill out a form to explain why a company is entitled to an award. Candidates without simultaneous lessons will not be included in the list of candidates for the award.

There will be an open voting from July 20 to August 21, where everyone can vote for their favorites from the list for their company. And on September 4, leaders will receive well-deserved awards in terms of the number of votes cast.

Last year, the FITNESS business company won the Public Choice Award among suppliers for the second time, became the Kampinski tuberculosis dispensary Best Customer of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council, and Networked 100% Life. The charity organization was named Best Commercial Customer. Zaporozhe “.

Winners in the categories “Expert Picks” and “Results in the System” will, as usual, be determined by a special commission consisting of representatives of the trading platform, organizers of the award and experts from the monitoring portal ZZorro.

Jakupaki award Is an award that was established in 2016. It is offered to customers and suppliers who use e-procurement opportunities most effectively. Prizes are awarded to participants in three categories: “Expert Choice”, “Best Results”, “Public Choice: Purchase”. The founder of this award is the popular trading platform Zakuki.promhove.

Dozorro – It is an online platform (portal) where any state customer or supplier, society or law enforcement agencies can give feedback about the procurement process, discuss and evaluate the terms of a particular purchase, an individual customer. Can analyze the purchase of.


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