Tatyana Lazareva touchingly congratulated Mikhail Shatz on his 55th birthday: “About half of this time, we were there”



Mikhail Shats and Tatyana Lazareva

On Saturday June 7, famous Russian TV presenter and host Mikhail Shats turned 55. The birthday man himself in his humorous manner noted that he was “in shock”, but said that “55 is the new 35”. But his wife Tatyana Lazareva, 53, did not joke this time and dedicated warm and touching words to her husband.

About half of this time, we were close, and I always saw your curiosity for life, your constant growth and your desire to move forward all the time. When you are so cheerful and reckless it suits you very much. And if before you and I it seemed that 55 was a very old age, now I understand that for about the same number of years, I am ready to watch with interest what you are doing and where you are going. I wish you strength, enthusiasm and success on this path!

– Tatyana wrote on her Instagram and shared a series of their photos.

This year, Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats will celebrate the 22nd wedding anniversary. They met at KVN games, but at first for several years they were just friends, although Shatz had romantic feelings for Lazareva. After KVN, they started working together as part of the OSP-Studio project, a few years later, Tatyana reciprocated with Mikhail.

In marriage, the couple raised two daughters: Sophia, 21, and Antonina, 13. Lazareva also has a 24-year-old son, Stepan, from a previous relationship.

In recent years, rumors about the separation of spouses often appear on the network. The fact is that Tatyana Lazareva has lived in Spain for four years, while her husband lives and works in Russia. But Lazareva decided to move not because of disagreements within the family – she and her husband decided to give a European education to their youngest daughter, who studies in one of the Spanish schools.

This time, after Lazareva’s publication, subscribers began to ask him if they had divorced Shatz.

What do you mean? You haven’t separated, you haven’t divorced, have you? – the supporters got excited But Tatyana hastened to reassure them: yes, it seems that no (she feels). I just counted and realized that for almost half of my life, I was there. Horror! She joked.

Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats with childrenMikhail Shats with children

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