Tatyana Navka commented on her coronavirus infection: “Women carry this virus more easily”



Tatyana Navka commented on her coronavirus infection:

Tatyana Navka and Dmitry Peskov

Today, the Russian media reported that Tatiana Navka, 45, and Dmitry Peskov, 52, fell ill – a coronavirus infection was confirmed in both spouses. The Russian figure skater commented on this news at the Daily Storm, and a little later on Instagram about health.

Dear subscribers and all our friends, I would like to inform you that my husband and I have been hospitalized, confirmed by COVID-19. The virus having been detected at the first symptoms, it was possible to take measures in time not to expose our loved ones to additional risks. I’m about to heal, the temperature has gone, the cough too, even the antibiotics shouldn’t have been taken They say that women carry this virus more easily, apparently, as it is. Among the latest symptoms, I don’t feel at all, she said about her on the social network.

Tatyana Navka commented on her coronavirus infection:

Dmitry Peskov and Tatyana Navka

Previously, the athlete stated that she respected self-isolation, but her husband continued to work, so she suggested that he could bring a coronavirus home. A spokesperson for the Russian president, according to Tatiana Navka, fell ill first. She also mentioned her husband’s condition in her Instagram.

My husband’s situation is a little more complicated, but everything is going well under the control of our valiant professional doctors! Thank you very much for the kind words and the wishes for recovery, which are now very numerous! Do not worry, we will certainly recover and continue to live (I really hope now with antibodies) This is what I still want to draw your attention to. The main thing is not to panic, but be sure to listen to your body, everyone can have individual symptoms, for example, my temperature immediately skyrocketed, my husband had a few days. Take care of yourself and be healthy !, added Tatiana.

Tatyana Navka commented on her coronavirus infection:

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