Teachers: Quarantined schools were not ready for distance education



Teachers: Quarantined schools were not ready for distance education

Teachers: Quarantined schools were not ready for distance education


05/27/2020 20:45


Ukraine, under extended quarantine conditions due to the pandemic, was not prepared to limit access to schools and distance education.

Such an opinion was expressed by the participants in the international online conference [не] The forum for the digital transformation of school education in Ukraine, held at Ukrinform, organized by the Open Fund Foundation and the Lyceum / Boarding School International Green School named after Klima Churyumova. “

“Ukraine, during the 7th year of the war, was not ready to limit access to schools, to prolonged quarantine. There are no long and short term government strategies, regional strategies to introduce distance education, taking into account the specificities of the temporarily occupied territories and regions that are difficult to access. Quarantine may resume with a new wave of the new school year for a longer period due to the pandemic. Other challenges are the escalation of hostilities and other circumstances of force majeure, “said the executive director of the Open Fund Foundation, the founder of the Lyceum / Boarding School International Green School named after Klima Churyumova” Irina Zhdanova.

According to the participants in the event, the end of this quarantined school year has become a real test for everyone. Teachers, children and parents had to acquire new skills in an accelerated and intense way, working with a double burden. This experience confirmed the urgency of finding and implementing a modern model of distance education in the digital world.

“The pandemic has led educators to take a different approach to information and communication technologies. If before it was a rejection, they say, we are not computer teachers, now everyone understands that it is a teacher tool that will allow him to carry out the program under conditions of prolonged quarantine. And we are in the process of determining the course for the large-scale use of forms of distance learning, “said Svetlana Litvinova, Deputy Director of Research at the Institute for Information Technology and Training APS of Ukraine

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Thus, under the conditions of the current quarantine, the project “Training in technology for the pupils of the primary school Umniki” is implemented, where 52 resources of electronic educational games for the primary school of levels 1 to 4 have been developed. In addition, schools use a network of Internet services, distance learning systems and cloud education services. However, many teachers do not have experience using the latest technology, so the question of teaching them is acute.

And another problem is that not all families have enough resources to provide distance education to their children, and many have taken children in quarantine to remote villages where there are no schools and d ‘Internet.

“We need to think about how to create a serious infrastructure for distance education. And such infrastructures should be created not only for children. The digitization of education is an opportunity to immediately attract a large population to learning. And we have also seen the need to attract parents to education. And many parents reacted responsibly to this, taking school subjects with the children. And this trend needs to be sustained, “said Irina Egorchenko, a public figure and principal researcher at the NAS Mathematics Institute of Ukraine.

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On the [не] The forum noted that each school would face the challenge of the pandemic and the transition to distance education on its own, without efforts coordinated by the state. And it was an emotional shock for all the participants in the educational process – the children, their parents and the teachers.

“There are many more children than gadgets and possibilities to have them. It is really difficult for a large family. Because giving each child a separate computer, taking them to a separate room, and having it happen simultaneously is very difficult. Not all families have such an opportunity. Our children and we were not ready for it. And for teachers, it was a panic attack. And it’s an emotional destructive component, “said the actress, mother of four, member of the supervisory board of the” International Green School scientific / boarding school “Irina Sanina.

The Open Policy Foundation is launching an expert discussion on the challenges, risks and prospects of distance education during the coronavirus pandemic. International [не] The forum for the digital transformation of school education in Ukraine aims to launch a public debate on the Ukraine-EU strategy and the joint action plan for the introduction of distance education.

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