Technical myths we believe in movies


We do not always expect that the film will show everything as it is, and we are often willing to control our disbelief, but sometimes it is not impossible how absolutely silly myths do not apply to us.

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We have bad news for you: Velociraptors were small-winged dinosaurs, Lemmings did not commit suicide, and Americans received scientific information from Hollywood before the Internet surfaced. We don’t always expect that the film will show everything as it is, and we’re often willing to rein in our mistrust, but sometimes it’s not impossible how absolutely silly myths are being imposed on us .

  1. Accident Helicopter Rips Screw Open Pavement

In fact, chopper propeller blades are quite fragile. They are filled with a lightweight material called foam or “honeycomb” because the purpose of the screw is to cut through the air, not the concrete. When the helicopter crashes, the blade is the first thing that breaks and shatters into pieces.

  1. Shiny, beautiful neon rays of space lasers

In fact, in space, the laser beam must be invisible. It does not matter if such weapons of real life actually exist (but they do not exist). To be visible, laser beams need an environment similar to fog, smoke, or dusty air. Our environment, depending on the type of laser, can provide conditions for visibility, but space never does. In a vacuum, we have no chance of seeing a laser beam.

  1. Sounds like a quiet spit with a silencer from a pistol

Sorry, gentlemen have hired murderers: such silencers simply do not exist. Silencers reduce the shot volume, but do not eject it completely. A pistol with a silencer shoots like a jackhammer, so loud that most of us would think that there is no silencer on it. Silencers are not performed stealthily – they are set so that the shooter does not kill himself.

  1. Bulletproof vest under shirt that protects against any firearms

I wish it didn’t happen. Bulletproof vest does not protect from machine gun bursts. He can only survive a pistol shot, which is amazing in itself, despite the broken ribs. Military body armor is much stronger, but it costs thousands of dollars and weighs more than 10 kilograms.

  1. In zero gravity, a person moves like a slow speed

Nothing like that! Do not confuse the place with the swimming pool. Gravity does not affect the motion of the body in a horizontal plane. And in zero gravity, in the absence of atmosphere, in fact, a person moves slightly faster than the Earth. However, moving slowly is a wise decision, but only to not crash into the dashboard or other equipment and not break anything significant onboard.

  1. The dinosaur throws its prey to chase a man.

If it is an actual hunter, he will never do so. Animals, both living and extinct, showed a functional holing response of the third type, or in other words, biological common sense. If you have a scrumptious meal at your table, toss a plate on the floor to chase down a waiter who hauled some appetizer past?

  1. see my! The right wire would be good for cutting, right?

Well, no, actually the decision is even more funny. Detection and disposal teams for explosive devices usually do not cut wires. Instead, they use a device that acts like a firearm. Semi-automatic carbine or, for example, a sniper rifle. This process is called “active destruction”, and it rarely ends with an explosion.

  1. Giant monsters live in inaccessible caves

In fact, it is difficult to find a less suitable place for it than a cave. After all, there is no light, meaning that there is no natural plant food. There may be only those nutrients that somehow get out, for example, bat excreta. On such grubs, it is difficult to develop big and strong. Conversely, as a rule, cave dwellers direct all their evolutionary abilities for maximum conservation of energy.

  1. The captain of the submarine has his own luxurious cabin.

Not a single submarine has anything like this. The fact is that it is very crowded, and each square centimeter is used with maximum efficiency. Even in the most modern submarines in the cabin of senior officers, one can barely stand upright. So, the only luxury for the commander is that he sleeps alone in his cabin.

  1. The spacecraft lost jet propulsion. Will it crash on Earth in seconds?

in no case! Unless, you mean a million seconds. For example, an enterprise ship in Star Trek: Vengeance would take about 80 hours to reach Earth’s atmosphere. And if it was in a stable orbit, the ship would not lose altitude at all, because orbital rotation does not require traction.

  1. How do we know about radioactivity? Of course, everything radioactive emits a neon green light!

And we are being cheated again. Radiation is in no way associated with radiation in the visible spectrum. Perhaps this idea arose when radium was used to make the ends of the hands of a clock glow in the dark. However, even in those days, this glow was imparted by the addition of special chemicals. Radiation is completely invisible.

  1. Satya Serum in the film looks like it is derived from real life.

Unfortunately, nothing exists. Various drugs make people more talkative and less introverted (probably the best alcohol among them), but not a single substance can tell a person the truth. In real life, if interrogators inject a “serum of truth” into the arrested person, it is only to deceive him and to think that he can no longer lie.

  1. In space travel films, the sun is usually yellow or orange.

However, in fact, the sun is absolutely snow-white in space. It looks yellow due to the fact that the Earth’s atmosphere part with a shorter wavelength of rays. For this reason, the sky looks blue. At sunset, the dispersion is more intense, so the color of the sun deviates even more than white and looks almost red.

  1. Has the aircraft run out of fuel? He is about to fall!

Sooner or later, it may fall, but not so quickly. Aircraft are generally well employed, even though engines no longer produce traction. An aircraft that crashes at an altitude of 12 kilometers can fly about 160 kilometers before touching the ground. So pilots have few opportunities to prepare to land or land.

  1. Underwater stations are usually dark and gloomy, right?

Nothing like that. And why on earth? The actual stations are beautifully lit from 7:00 to 23:00, as it creates a more enjoyable environment for work and life. There is no reason to keep the staff in the dark, except to create an “underwater effect” for the audience. Thus, we believe everything actually happens at the bottom of the ocean.

  1. Space Explosion! Fire shells! The ear piercing roar!

Wait a minute, guys. How can all this happen in airless space? In fact, an explosion in space does not look so spectacular: the object suddenly breaks into space. And yet, you definitely know what is needed so that we can hear the sound. Of course, the wind. A cosmic explosion, if we had a chance to see it, would have been almost completely silent.

  1. Stuck in the elevator? So get out through the top hatch!

In real life, problems can arise with this. The fact is that the caps in the lift are locked outside. They are designed so that rescuers can get in and evacuate the passengers. An elevator shaft is an extremely dangerous place for untrained civilians. If you find yourself in such a trap, getting out through the top hatch, even if you can open it, is a lot more dangerous than staying inside and waiting for help.

  1. Turning the toaster in the bathroom is a definite death, right?

Most likely, nothing will happen. The pipes leading to the bathtub are now, as a rule, polyvinyl chloride, and not copper, so there is no simple way to make the flow of the bath an electric current. In addition, the fuse in the device or the circuit breaker in the wall will stop long before the toaster kills its owner.

  1. You cannot go unnoticed anywhere through the duct system in the building

Well, serious difficulties can arise here. In fact, the system of ventilation ducts is filled with a large number of obstructions in the form of pipes, wires and other things. So you can only crawl on them in movies, and even then, provided that person is very young and accomplished. Also, this way of moving is accompanied by such a loud sound that the language simply does not rotate to call it secret.

  1. A fuel tank is a bomb ready to explode any second!

How to say it, you see .. Gasoline does not have explosive properties. If you throw a burning match in a barrel of gasoline in cold weather, the flame will go out before the fuel ignites. Gas stations and tanks are a fairly safe place after a liquid fuel explosion. The risk can only come from its vapor.


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