Telegram contains data from Ukrainian state bank customers


Messenger bots provide the user’s name, date of birth, series and passport number etc. for the money.

Telegram received data from Ukrainian state bank customers. Photo:

Two bots appeared in Telegram Messenger searching for personal data of Ukrainians from phone numbers for money. Transmits as, Users suggest that bots are taking data from a stolen Privabank base.

The first bot by phone number provides the username, date of birth, series and passport number, registration and TIN. At the time of publication, the account has already been deleted. The other continues to operate in a similar pattern. It costs $ 50, 50 – $ 100, 200 – $ 200 for 10 requests.

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According to Anvio, Privabank representatives said they knew about the bot and talked to the police about it.

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Earlier, we wrote that Symantec’s security experts found vulnerabilities in WhatsApp, Telegram and some other messengers. Therefore, messaging services save media files to internal storage, the use of which can be achieved only through applications, or to external storage with access to other programs. Researchers at Symantec were able to detect that malware could easily access external storage, and then transfer files to scammers there. The virus is able to intercept data quickly – already the user suspects it. It was clarified that the bug is only relevant for smartphones based on the Android operating system.

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