Telegram investors fear they won’t be refunded


Telegram cryptocurrency investors fear that funds will be returned only to US citizens

Telegram investors hesitate in Durov: they cannot return the money. Photo: IGate

The famous Telegram messenger can only return money to American investors after a US court ban on the release of Village cryptocurrency – the rest will still receive cryptocurrency. According to the media, this option is being discussed by the investors themselves.

Investors fear they may change US justice against themselves in this case, as the court ruling spoke of a general ban on issuing tokens, not just about banning issuance to US investors. But Telegram owners have no official status on this account yet.

By 30 April, the Telegram team should either launch a TON and issue a village token, or return the money to investors, reducing the cost of the project. According to one investor, this is 72% of the $ 1.7 billion raised for the TON project.

The most likely scenario, investors interviewed by journalists, consider the release of Gram. Three out of four negotiators heard that other investors are discussing such a scenario.

A fourth claim is that most TON investors are already aware of the scheme, and some investors’ private conversations with Telegram’s representatives triggered the discussion. According to him, the option of returning the money to all US investors of the project and the release of the gram to all investors from other courts is being considered.

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Recall that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stated the Telegram’s statement that the village token is a commodity, not a security, “an attempt to escape the economic reality.”

The SEC believes that Telegram makes an “artificial distinction” between purchasing tokens and passing them on to customers. According to the information given by the regulator, Telegram’s position is that investors could not buy cryptocurrency, as it was not present at the time of purchase. At the same time, delivery of tokens to customers makes them goods.

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