Ten most brutal ways to “get started” in the criminal community


The methods used for this are extraordinary cruelty, often beyond the grasp of a normal person.

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Entering the criminal community is not as easy as it may seem. In the most general terms, you must first prove your “heroism” by going through a ritual called “initiation”.

The methods used for this are distinguished by extraordinary cruelty, often beyond the grasp of a normal person. Some rites of “initiation” require the candidate to be severely beaten, raped, or worse.

  1. Mass beating

Probably the most common gangster “initiation” method is classic beating. A gangster candidate must hold against several members of the gang for a certain period of time. He needs to resist at all costs, endure brutal beating and fight off the attackers.

Most gangs use one of the versions of this method – passing through the ranks. The candidate must pass punches and kicks from both sides when passing through two lines of “examinees”. The goal is to go to the end and stand on your feet. If it fails the first time, it is given a second chance after a few days when the wounds and wounds heal.

However, this relatively human method of initiation can also be fatal. Therefore, in 2010, a graduate of the University of Arkansas was beaten for three minutes while entering the Blocks gang. He suffered a head injury along with life with a blunt object and died an hour later in a hospital.

  1. Stop gop

Jacked in is a street term for testing a candidate using a robbery with car theft. It works as follows. To demonstrate his ability to “earn” for a gang, a candidate steals a car, which usually threatens its owner with a weapon. Thus, he empowers the “Godfather” to belong to the fortunate community. Upon being successful, he is accepted as an equal member in the gang.

In January 2008, 17-year-old Charles Brown jumped into the back seat of a parked car, where three passengers were already seated. He aimed a gun at the driver, causing him to get off the car and leave. Police later found out that it was a test to enter a gang called Cripps.

  1. Kidnap

To prove that they are eligible to join the Vatos Locos gang, North Carolina’s Jose Cruz and Hugo Torres kidnapped a man in 2011 and robbed him at gunpoint. They became the object of federal wantonness, and police later reported that the perpetrators took the victim to a secluded van, where he was beaten for a long time, eventually, succeeding to free himself and escape. In another story, in June 2013, Mexican soldiers rescued 165 people, including women and children, who were kidnapped by the force and held for ransom.

  1. Initiation through sex

There is nothing against the recruitment of women in many gangs. In these cases, a particular method of initiation is commonly used. According to the Florida Gang Reduction website, a “new recruit” sometimes has to roll two dice, and the numbers on them indicate the number of gang members with whom he should have sex. Isha Nemhard, a member of the London gang, says this is a common occurrence. “Many girls sleep with gang members, and they are treated very brutally.”

  1. Gang rape

Once regarded as nothing more than a “horror story” for sensation, rape is a widely used and very cruel method of initiation. In 2011, eight teenagers from the California Gang South Side Mafia were accused of luring an 11-year-old girl into the park and raping her as part of the initiation ritual. When a candidate is offered a choice of two options – to go through the ranks or to rape a woman, many consider the other to be less dangerous.

  1. Knife and stab

In 2008, three students at Coney Island School were arrested by police on charges of razoring their classmates as members of the local MS-13 gang. Some people voluntarily rolled up their sleeves, and those who refused, pressed them to the floor and violently cut them off.

In another area of ​​New York City, a similar incident occurred in 1999, when six blood members attacked a woman in a train. They cut him with a razor and stabbed him with a knife. Two days later, another woman was robbed, snatching jewelry. During the crime, his face was so brutally cut that the victim had to undergo 150 surgical stitches.

  1. Stabbed

Knife attack is a common initiation rite in prison gangs, but it sometimes occurs on the streets. Upon release from prison, Mark Blok from the city of Hesperia, California, noticed that his friend’s brother wears a gang tattoo he was not rightfully entitled to. Supporters of the idea of ​​white race superiority insisted on the restoration of “justice” bloke, forcing both brothers to accompany him in search of the victim. Noticing Latina working in the yard, the Smort brothers stab her several times and cut her throat.

In 2003, a thirteen-year-old boy stabbed an elderly woman after robbing her. It was also a ritual of initiation in a gang. Police found the victim’s body in her apartment with multiple wounds on her face and body.

  1. Acid test

In December 2011, ten teenagers from Sweden were charged with setting fire to a shopping center as part of a local gang entry process. The leaders of the gang Berga Center demanded that the candidates set fire to the dumper, which stood next to the shopping center. As a result, the building burned to the ground.

However, arson during entry into a gang is not always limited to damaging other people’s property. Therefore, in 2013, Esteriol Simpson and Maurice Hallis of Houston, Texas, were charged with murder after attacking and setting fire to a passerby. This was part of the Black Disciples initiative process.

  1. Blood test

The murders committed as part of the entry into the criminal group include all sorts of forms, ranging from shooting people into driving cars to killing members of rival gangs or even random people. Sometimes these rituals are completely devoid of any meaning. Therefore, two teenagers, one of whom patronized the other while being recruited into a gang, fired at a local high school coach in Kennewick, Washington, with a pistol and killed him.

  1. Serial hit

Police in the Mexican city of Juarez are fighting an even more horrific incident of violent gang crime: serial killing. They are used as rituals of initiation and as a way to resolve issues with the payment of debt for drugs. Mexican cartels killed a surprisingly large number of people in this way. Many of his victims were found with fractured skulls and traces of the wheels of a car passing by them. In October 2013, twenty-one-year-old Juan Pablo Vasquez was arrested on charges of involvement in 79 murders at the request of drug cartel leaders.


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