TENAA provides first confirmations in the technical passport


The future is also new for the smartphone market over the next few months. Realme X3. The device was found during this watch in the database TENAA, a Chinese certification body that provides us with the first confirmations as to what will be the technical passport of the project, which, of course, we will also see in Europe, in the market where Relame is trying to break through with terminals with excellent value for money.

The new Realme X3 will have 6.57-inch diagonal display and can count on one thickness 8.9 mm, At the moment, there are no details about the characteristics of the display (hole, slot or other solutions) and the overall dimensions of the smartphone. It should be noted, however, the presence of Battery 4100 mAh.

As a recent test confirmed, the new Realme X3 will hit the market with SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ which various combinations of RAM (up to 12 GB) and storage will be supported. There is no doubt that over the next few weeks additional details will appear in the technical passport, in particular in the photographic sector. The device is expected to be on the market with preinstalled Android 10. Follow us for all the updates of the future Relame smartphone that will appear in the next few weeks.


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