Terrorist propaganda cracked: the “DPR” can no longer deny the coronavirus


Olga Dolgoshapko



So-called “Minister of Health” of the “DPR” Olga Dolgoshapko has publicly announced that terrorists have recognized the first case of infection in the region.

Olga Dolgoshapko
Olga Dolgoshapko. Photo –

It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to Donpress.

“On the evening of March 31, 2020, the DPR recognizes the first reliable case of coronavirus infection,” she said.

According to her, the local resident was infected. The woman went to Moscow, where she was most likely infected. As early as March 29, she asked for medical help, but even under the conditions where, as Dolgoshapko previously claimed, there was no coronavirus, the woman was diagnosed and did not immediately receive appropriate help.

It should be noted that she had many contacts mainly with her husband and her son. Their state of health is still unknown. In the most infected, the following characteristic symptoms are noted: temperature of 37.4 degrees, malaise, sore throat and cough, vomiting, loss of odor.

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