Terrorists at risk of being left without funding: LPR chief tries to save coal industry



Self-proclaimed “LPR” chief Leonid Pasechny faced a serious problem in the coal industry. A number of mines are closed and workers have been without pay for many months. Attempts have been made to reorganize the coal industry into ORLO.

Leonid Pasechny
Leonid Pasechny. Photo –

This is reported by a number of separatist media, reports “MFN”.

Pasechny said that “it is time to put things in order”, but it is likely that he tackled the issue of coal mining too late. ORLO’s economy cannot bear it, and the terrorists will lose most of their finances without waiting for the reorganization to be completed.

“This is an extremely important question for us. Now is the time to restore order. We will establish uniform standards, uniform coal prices and uniform wages for workers. The authorities should take control with their own hands, ”said Pasechny.

He ensures that the reorganization will offer the possibility of resuming the payment of wages to minors who have been unemployed for a long time.

Recall, as noted above, the reliable state of health of Kim Jong-un: Trump has received confirmed information.

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