Tesla has applied for a license in Europe


The automaker currently owns Australia’s largest lithium ion storage facility in the world.

Tesla has applied for a license in Europe. Photo:

Tesla, an American electric car manufacturer, has applied for a UK license to allow the company to produce electricity. The Telegraph reports this.

According to sources, Tesla is currently preparing to enter the British market. It is noted that the world’s largest lithium ion storage facility, previously designed in Australia, is capable of storing enough energy to power 30 thousand homes. According to experts, such a large battery will be needed to control electricity demand in the future, as fossil fuel reserves are slowly dwindling.

Another goal of obtaining a British license is believed to be the launch of the Autobider platform, which allows renewable energy producers to monetize their assets. Tesla works closely with UK-based electricity and gas supplier Octopus Energy to offer special rates for electric vehicle owners.

According to The Telegraph, last week, Tesla’s value fell by $ 14 billion following a series of tweets posted by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk.

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Earlier, we wrote that as of the end of February 2020, the value of shares of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and space travel company Virgin Galactic has doubled and tripled since the beginning of the year respectively.

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