Tesla has become the world’s most expensive car company


Ilona Mask’s brainchild was ahead of Toyota stock market due to increased demand for electric cars

Tesla has become the world’s most expensive car company to no avail. Photo:

American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has achieved the largest market capitalization among other car companies.

During trading on July 1, a Tesla share price was $ 1,100, which is 4% higher than the previous day. Thus, Tesla’s market capitalization reached $ 209 billion. This is $ 4 billion more than Toyota, which finished second.

In the form of notes Guardian, A feat notable that the company Ilona Mask never made a profit. Nevertheless, experts point to the vehicle manufacturer’s prospects as a leader in the market for battery-powered vehicles.

Analysts at the Jefferies brokerage firm say the coronovirus epidemic could accelerate worldwide clean fuel use, both from consumers and states.

It is noted that an increase in the cost of Tesla’s shares will increase Ilone’s mask to $ 55 billion dollars. The entrepreneur plans to increase the company’s capitalization to $ 650 billion over the next 10 years. This means a three-fold increase in share prices.

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We previously wrote that in late April this year, Tesla’s value fell by $ 14 billion following a series of controversial tweets published by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk.

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