That’s how much Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can cost in Europe


Almost three weeks have passed since the launch of the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Band 5 (click here to find out more) and the official arrival of the smartphone in Europe is still expected. Many have already decided to buy it through various Asian electronic stores, importing them from China, but there is still curiosity to find out the details of the landing on the Old Continent.

Details that are still shrouded in mystery are related to the introductory price. Recall that in China Xiaomi Mi Band 5 costs 189 or 229 yuan (depending on the availability of an NFC chip), at the current exchange rate of approximately 24 and 29 euros, And it is also important to refer to the 34.99 euros with which the Mi Band 4 was launched in Europe.

Well, a famous leader thought about it today, Sudhans Ambhor, to clarify: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be officially put up for sale on our continent 39,99 euros. The source in question did not add additional details about the launch schedule.

However, it is important to emphasize that this will be a slight increase (which in any case does not affect the simply exceptional value for money), mainly due to two innovations: in Europe Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will arrive not only with NFC payment support (first for smartphones), but also for Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa,

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