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With the appearance of the message on the official Weibo account, Xiaomi announced the date that many fans expected: Thursday 11 june long-awaited will be made official Xiaomi Mi Band 5, A new generation of the most popular smartphone in the world will arrive with a stream of new features: in the event that, most likely, the prices do not change much, success will be guaranteed.

The first novelty, the most obvious, is support for NFC connection also in the international version of the smartphone (from Mi Band 3 it was exclusive for China): in a word, it will be possible to use Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Also use the most popular digital payment methods. But that’s not all.

In fact, several details emerged from the Mi Fit APK code: among them will be support for Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, and the ability to measure level blood oxygenation (SpO2), a feature still praised primarily by medium-range Huawei carriers. Tracking your menstrual cycle is also likely, while heart rate control will be improved.

up Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Then the night mode will be implemented, the dial’s settings will be expanded (the OLED display will be 1.2 inches), and other types of sports observation will be added: an exercise bike, elliptical, rowing, yoga and jumping rope. Should that be enough?


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