That’s why I don’t want to give the number of vivezhenoy wugs with ORDLO



On the spike of earnings of descendants of Ukraine, the Russian Federation increased the paid portion of the Donbass to May 68 million tonnes of high-quality brands and the total amount of 4.7 billion US dollars. About the price of the presidential service of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the hourly return of the territories.

In my model, pointing to the numbers does not indicate accuracy. In addition, є underestimated. Ale, let’s talk about everything. I am talking about those who need to give more information for a quick analysis of the most informative information on Ukrainian territory on the territory of the Russian Federation.

At present, at the time of the UNN Blitz-Interv’U, the former offender to the power of the ministry and to the hourly reimbursement of territorial Ukraine Georgi Tuk, declaring that Ukraine is permanently displaced by his own office. “Є agentsny dzherela i suputnikovі systems et sosterezhenennya, in mi іnpіyno otrimuюmo tsyu іnformatsіyu”, -different victory.

Wine company as a whole logical: as a rule, a special service is available to constantly change the Ukrainian language for additional agents and supporters, then explain the fact that the group is in the United States, the United States is ahead of 2016 Rock for 2018 RIK Bulo imported Vugil for about 120 Doliv miles.

I suppose that in 2018, the rocі group “IC” took over the information, which took the oath to take a vugill of stone in the occupying districts of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions in the Rostov region, in 2016, the roci became 562,399 tonnes for a total of 25,251 mln. 2017 of the year 1,595,625 tonnes for the sum of 63.14 miles_ dolarіv. In the 1st quarter of 2018, the rock amounted to 747,103 tonnes for a sum of 25.81 miles.

Regarding the state of the mines in ORDLO and the export of coal to Russia for nothing in the companies of the coal industry of …

Gepostet von Dmitry Tymchuk a m Mittwoch, June 6, 2018

“Vrachovychi obmezheni logisticheskii moglivosti of Chornomorsk-Azov ports of the Russian Federation (canceled liabilities transported in 2016 – 9.2 million tonnes by river) and transfers out of town to the uncontrolled town center, excluding urban distribution”, – complete the expert group.

At the birch of 2017, the group of the group “Information opposite”, which has Ukrainian, Ukrainian and foreign companies, was bought out for having occupied the territory of the “DPR”, 15 thousand tonnes of Vugilla were seen. For more solidity and a greater informational effect, not to swindle on the contrary, I fell on the mine shaft and the monitoring of the thug clutch. So, for example, at the AP Mine. A. F. Zasyadko ”a sumptuous vidobutk – 1,700 tonnes; Shcheglovska-Gliboka mine, PJSC Donbas mine control office – 2,200 tonnes; “Komunarska n ° 22” mine, PAT “Donbas” mine control – 3,000 tonnes; “DTEK Mine Komsomolets Donbas” – 7,800 tonnes. Tobto, schomіsyachny videoboot – 450 thousand tonnes of vugіll.

For operational information “IC”, the implementation of most of the intermediaries vidobulynnogo vugllya rossiyskimi vidbuvatsya for beztsin – for $ 30-35, with the collection of vidobutku $ 67 per ton. Thus, when purchasing goods from TOV “Gas-Alliance” (supervised by S. Kurchenko, who is an importer of 75% of the goods from “LNR”), the price of a tonne from the warehouse of energy is $ 32. The hour on the water which has resumed sales from Russian intermediaries in Russia and in the third country is in good condition with the latest market prices of 100 to 160 dollars per ton.

Thus, according to a group of experts, the prominence in the paying territories of Donbass was the inter-financial, personal and logical collapse. At the same time, with a simple implementation of the Vugil, having survived some earlier Ukraine, the Russian Federation was taken over.

Utim, for the information of the Polish newspaper “Dziennik. Gazeta Prawna ”, almost always seeing from birch 2017 rock to lime tree 2018 rock tilka Turechchina bought 2.3 thousand tonnes of total wine. Varto means that, given that, despite this, the view has been cast on diplomatic establishments in order to block the buying and selling of businesses in the city of Donbasu, Vlad Turechchini said that they were open to the public.

At the same time, the head of the DTEK company, Maxim Timchenko, said that the seller’s canceled oath had been reimbursed to Donbasu tilka in the country ЄC warehouse ь about 2 million tonnes. “For our information, for the rest of the country, Donbas Tudi (at Krask –С – ed.) Has received up to 2 million tonnes of anthracite. Polish companies added nearly 300,000 tonnes, “said povidomiv wine.

No less image, and more on monitoring the type of booty, coal, transported on the territory of the Russian Federation to Vugilla with ORDLO. In the same year 2017, the protector of the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation, Sergei Nazarov, in an interview with journalists from the Bloomberg agency, announced that they had to pay about 1 million tonnes of coal from the Russian Federation for Donbass. Nadal otrimane vugіllya Rosіya re-exported to a third country. In this way, Ros_ia will contribute to renewing the budget of the self-sufficient “republic” to ensure the financial support of social benefits for the population. “Stink at developing your own problems due to social infrastructure, budget and pensions,” said Nazarov.

Ale on tsomu will not end kolizії. The experts of the declareС group declare with authority that since 2021, they will be able to shut down the eight energy blocks of the Russian Novocherkassk GRES, as well as the only inhabitant of the city of Gazprom (in the Russian Federation). Ochukuvaniye pre-paternal profit warehouse rosіyskogo vugіllya about 3-4 million tons.

On the right, on the right, the RF Energy Ministry has confirmed that it is Ukrainian and not Russian, as if I were in charge of the group “IC”, and I can go to Novocherkassky GRES. Vaughn lives in the river up to 3 million tonnes of Vugilla, and can see the occupied Donbass. “It’s good to live in Novocherkassk station … The main varietal oaths in transit through the territory of Russia go to export,” quoted Anatoly Yanovsky Agency Reuters, citing the ministry’s intercessor. of Energy of the Russian Federation.

It is incoherent to shave, for six rocky roads, Novocherkaska GRES has achieved its industrial objectives for approximately 18 million tonnes of Ukrainian wine from the occupied districts of Donbass. I assume that, for ІС’s information, the oaths of taking over a cup of stone from the occupied districts of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions in the Rostov region in 2016 became 562,399 tonnes. 2017 – 1,595,625 tonnes. In the 1st quarter of 2018, the rock amounted to 747,103 tonnes.

It is blatant, on the website of, С, it is marked as offensive: in the information, to go out, to turn around more often for 2 friends not linked with dzherels, the norm is 3 dzherels. Yakshcho informatsіya vkray with resonance, I asked Imosya on the evidence and the podіy participant. I have a vipadka, which I am most likely to accept new information, I could not start earlier, I am launching my transfer algorithm. A huge number of breasts need not be stronger than the facts. “

By reconciling myself, I try to pretend to be curious about the real oaths to take Ukrainian territory on the territory of the Russian Federation in, відповідно, його іпорпії із іторіції Ії Russia.

Thus, in 2019, the Ministry of Energy and Vugilnaya promyslovosti Nasalik declaring however that, since 2016, Ukraine has reduced the life of the anthracite group of Vugilla vtrichі. Vin names the figures: in 2016, rocі PAT Centroenergo survived to 2.2 million tonnes and in 2018 to 0.4 million.

What about the purchase change? How long can I get, what’s the best date for 2018? The year of import of the imported gift and the anthracite is 15.5%, 2.3 million tonnes? For example, in early 2018, Ukraine gained 1.8 times over a million tonnes of camouflage and anthracite imports. I know the same rozbіzhnostі in numbers. І on how to give a given DFS. Groshimov’s vimіrі mpport vugіllya has a stock of $ 281.2 million, 64% more, compared to 2017, rock – $ 171 million.

Less than in winter, with the promises of the realizatsii of vidobut vugіl in yogo, everything is getting smaller. The information in “Information Against” is not limited. Now is the time to start fueling the logical and logical collapse of industrial activity in the paid territories.

In 2017, there was an information announcement ІС, through the blockade of Donbass, in the so-called People’s Republic of Donetsk / Lugansk ”, there is an insurmountable shortage of syrovini for industrial purposes, which is a shame to close the country. Thus, after having camped at the end of the ferocious, in the vulgar warehouse “Zuїvsko TES”, TOV “DTEK Scheid-Energy” lost less than 20 thousand. wugill tone. Experts have meant that they should take an oath up to a maximum of two robot houses with TEC power units. I received a call for information, for information “IC”, “a minister of energy and energy of the RDP”, who sometimes turned to the head of the “RDP” and a representative of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation with a proposal that we can consider the announcement.

Surely GUR MOU, chi interestis presenting the site “ІС”, in general, you will need to know how to use Vugill for the consumer Zuivsko TES to look at the mines “Bіlorіchenska” (Lugansk region, Lutuginsky district, smt. Repair of the red rock 2017 for the ZUїvsko TES general public mine “Bіlorіchenska” schomіsyatsya vіdvantazhuvala 40,000 tonnes of vidobuto vugіlnoї products. these flows, a fight broke out between militants of militiamen “LPR”, Plotnitsky and “minister LNR MVS” Cornet. Right in the middle, at this moment, Kornet vidpovіdav for a “power suprovid” a video clip and displaying a vugilla from the territory of the “LPR” to the territory of the “DPR”, for the consumer ZUїvsko TEC. In the self-vandalized department of the “LPR”, the Plotnitsky zinuvativ kerivnikov of the police has the possibility of embarrassing illegally erecting “unilateral” governmental control over the territory of the Russian Federation. Todd Plotnitsky after showing staff. Zokrem, Shchodo Cornet Utim, for the tomb of thrones of thrones, ended badly for Plotnitsky herself.

For example, the information group “Information to the contrary” often goes beyond BAT warehouses “Zuivska TES” for a total of around 20,000 tonnes of vugilla and the most reliable post in the Russian Federation.

Indicated that there is a lack of information and information about the situation in Ordlo, as well as to give in to the Ukrainian-Ukrainian political certificate. The problem of virichi qiu is possible by dissolving the analitic structures, as if they were engaged in an informational superconductor of the structures of power.



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