The amount of non-cash payments is increasing in Ukraine – data


Ukrainians started paying more with cards and digital purses

The amount of non-cash payments is increasing in Ukraine – data

After the beginning of 2020, Ukrainians began paying purchases by bank cards and digital wallets a third more often, despite a decrease in the merchandise business due to the coronovirus epidemic and quarantine restrictions. It was reported to PaySpace magazine by state-owned PrivatBank’s press service.

In the first six months of 2020, the card’s total payments and contactless wallets in the POS network of retail outlets amounted to $ 142 billion, a 31% increase over the first half of 2019, according to PrivatBank’s Head of Retail Business Services Department, Evgeny Vasiltsov. is. 111 billion dollars

According to PrivatBank, often Ukrainians pay by credit card in grocery stores and supermarkets – they account for 49% of the total transaction volume in the bank’s terminal network. Second in terms of cashless payments are electronics and home appliance stores and clothing, footwear and luggage stores. They also pay actively in household goods shops, pharmacies and cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers.

Currently, more than 240 thousand POS-terminals are running in the PrivatBank network. Every day through this network, cardholders pay 4.2 million purchases. Around 90% of the bank accepts contactless payments by POS-terminal card and smartphone.

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