The authorities of the “DPR” present an ultimatum to Ukraine until June 19: statement by the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” of the “DPR”



The authorities of the “DPR” issued a statement in which they submitted a request for an ultimatum to Ukraine before June 19 to clarify its official position on the issue of the resolution of the conflict in the occupied Donbas.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

The authorities of the “DPR” issued an ultimatum to Ukraine without consequences. Photo:

Representatives of the Donetsk Kremlin wanted to know what Ukraine was prepared to do to end the conflict peacefully in occupied Ukrainian territory.

A message on this subject was distributed by the Russian edition of RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the so-called “foreign ministry” “DPR”.

As stated in the statement, the “representatives” of the “republics” presented a request to Ukraine until June 19 to provide information on the official position of Kiev “Regarding the status of the package and submitting official proposals on the scope and possibilities for Ukraine to use the package as a legal basis for a peaceful political settlement of the conflict.”

So far, Ukraine has not responded to this strange ultimatum.

Earlier, it was reported that the summit of “four Normans” should bring peace to the Donbass with specific dates.



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