The best smartphones to play and the best games to test in the summer of 2020


What are the best gaming smartphones of the year? In connection with the holidays held under an umbrella caressed by the sea breeze, users are becoming interested in more productive mobile models in terms of games and performance.

So, let’s look at the brands and models that received the blue label for the summer of 2020.

An experienced player has clearly defined needs. For example, he knows that the hardware and, consequently, the processor power of the model are important aspects that must be considered before making a choice. However, even the screen and the ability to update are no different.

Some have already landed in Italy, others will appear soon, screening blogs and chats of gamers. We made a list of models with better performance: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and, obviously, the future iPhone 12, then OnePlus 8 Pro and Nubia Red Magic immediately stand out. 5G and finally the black shark 3.

Here, without unnecessary preambles, the five best best gaming phones of the year are revealed.

Manufacturers actually thought what they think of game enthusiasts, considering that 4 out of 5 users play online at least once a month. Of course, room performance, aesthetic line and battery life were not put in the background. But in terms of performance in a gaming environment, they are at the very top.

Those with Android are perfect for playing. Drop wizard o Table Top Racing: World Tour, where races on “tiny cars” drive half the world crazy. For those who like more the noir genre, not to mention the intimidating one, we recommend Typoman Mobile. Finally, for fans of “puzzles” it is proposed to test Dropwords 2 on their smartphone.

Names clearly abound for Melina fans: let’s go to the eternal tunnels Octagon 2 aesthetics steampunk mice Maze machina; it is obvious that among special offers this cannot be missed Reigns: Game of Thrones which, of course, needs no introduction.

Having made the necessary excursion into the gaming world, differentiated by operating systems, we all know that on the portals are available games and games that do not need to be downloaded, and which offer excellent moments of entertainment directly online for both iPhone and Android, optimized for both parties. It is inevitable to mention very popular online casinos, whose passion is more for gamblers than gamers. And here the list will be endless, but, referring to reviews, among the best of the year, we do not hesitate to mention the brand Betnero: eSports, live casinos, slot machines, virtual games and even horse racing. Always from the device, compatible with any OS and always without booting. Even the offer for nostalgia is more than generous, here we go from tetris in all sauces to historians Pakman in various declensions, down to mazes, solitaire games and eternal shoots.

Considering brands, models and numerous offers, this summer is only a spoiled choice for gamers.


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