The best way to make yourself happy in self-isolation


From the point of view of experts, very small changes are needed to raise the general tone and mood, but they

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New studies have shown that replacing a sedentary lifestyle or even sleep with any mild physical activity can improve mood. People who alternately rest in a sitting position with regular walking or other mobility, or even sleep, begin to feel better, and some even lose their weight.

From the point of view of experts, very small changes are needed to raise the general tone and mood, but they should be regular. Light exercise can include walking slowly, doing housework and even the habit of talking on the phone or on the go.

In other words, almost any physical activity is much more useful for wellbeing and mood than sitting for a long time on the couch.

Another example of a proper lifestyle change is to go to bed a little early rather than sit late on TV. Furthermore, it reduces the time that many people spend on empty experiences, unnecessary endless snacks and other “problematic” activities.

Dr. Jacob Mayer, research leader, said: “People may not even see some of these activities as physical activity. Mild activity implies a much lower intensity than gymnastics or walking to work and home, but even such relentless measures designed to prevent prolonged immobility in a sitting position can have a positive effect on mood is. “

During the study, scientists monitored a group of 432 people, providing them with special electronic bracelets, with which it was possible to track energy consumption.

It was established experimentally that sleep or light motor activity, along with positive changes in physical condition and mood, compared to a sedentary lifestyle, and more intense activity also contributed to weight loss.

It is noteworthy that in this way, at first glance, slight changes in lifestyle caused long-term effects: for at least one year, most participants in the study showed improved mood.

Dr. Meyer said that small changes are of great importance: “It is probably easier for people to change their normal way of life if they feel that they do not require a lot of effort, so this task is not possible and not associated with fundamental changes. is. After all, replacing a sedentary lifestyle with light housework or other activities that are not associated with heavy physical activity is much easier than what they can do on a daily basis, and forcing themselves to do it. Is, for example, runs early in the morning. “

The study was conducted prior to the current epidemic of coronaviruses, but today researchers have data to show that due to quarantine, physical activity has decreased on average by 32 percent in most people.

Dr. Mayer commented: “Given what is happening everywhere, judicious control and management of physical activity is an effective means by which a person can improve their mental health.


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