The border can be crossed by cars at 18 checkpoints.



The border can be crossed by cars at 18 checkpoints.

After Cabinet’s decision to temporarily close 10 other border crossings comes into effect, another 18 automotive border crossings will remain operational.

In a comment, Ukrinform commented on the proposal to further close the CPVV, which was submitted to the government on Wednesday by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, press secretary of the National Border Service Andrei Demchenko.

“After the entry into force of the 288th resolution on the enlargement of the list of temporarily closed checkpoints across the national border, 18 automobile destinations will remain operational,” said Demchenko.

The spokesperson explained that 19 automobile checkpoints were actually functioning and that the others, which were proposed to be closed, were no longer functioning due to the fact that adjacent parts were closed due to quarantine measures. In other words, a valid checkpoint will be virtually closed – Palanca, which today operates among 19 car checkpoints. “This branch will be closed and, as a result, 18 automobile checkpoints will remain at the state border,” said Demchenko.

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According to him, the checkpoints previously indicated did not work, but were not included in the list of temporarily closed. And to keep them inoperative, they have been made available to the Cabinet of Ministers. This was done due to quarantine measures, so these points were closed for the period necessary for Ukraine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in case the other party decided to open the border on its side, noted the spokesperson for the SPSU.

In other words, concluded Demchenko, at the borders with neighboring countries, there will still be a sufficient number of checkpoints to cross the border.

As Ukrinform reported, the Cabinet of Ministers decided on April 15 to temporarily close 10 other checkpoints across the national border.

The corresponding proposal was submitted to the government on Wednesday April 15 by the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. He notably proposed to close the checkpoint of Ustilug, Khmelnitsa, Grushev, Ugrinov, Solotovino, Kelmens, Bryush, Sokiryany, Palanka and New Troyans on the border with Moldova, Poland and Romania.

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