The Chernobyl fire should not happen on nuclear fuel: the Interior Ministry has given an urgent order



Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said that Ukraine should stop shaking Chernobyl and that this country could do it. The fire must not reach the nuclear fuel storage facilities.

Chernobyl fire
The Chernobyl fire. Stock Photo –

It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to Facebook Anton Gerashchenko.

He urged citizens not to panic and assured that the situation was under control. He is convinced that the escalation of the situation in this area has become a negative phenomenon which should be stopped, as there is no reason to worry seriously. The three used nuclear fuel storage facilities are at a safe distance from the ignition sites.

“We can analyze the situation using images from space. This has given us the certainty that there is absolutely no danger of ignition of used nuclear fuel storage facilities. In addition, the storage facilities are huge reinforced concrete structures surrounded by a fence. The fuel inside is stored in monolithic iron tanks, which are extremely durable, ”wrote Gerashchenko.

Recall that, as noted earlier, Solovyov threatened Ukraine with yet another escalation: a live propagandist began to threaten his neighbor.

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